Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Front or Back?

Honestly, get your minds out of the gutter!

It's just a title, and it could refer to a million different things....but I know where my readers are going with it.

There's a reason I like you people.

What this post is actually about, though, is something else entirely.

We had to go to school last night.  The older two kids are in the school's choir, and they were scheduled to sing...which is basically a way of putting butts in the seats to listen to whatever the principal wants to say.  Which incidentally, wasn't much.

Meetings like that entertain me a little.  Basically it's just a way for the principal to pat herself on the back and pretend to stay in touch with the parents. Tell all the parents that every stride they made in reading last year came at the expense of the math test scores, which is something that most of us already knew.

I've seen the scores, I knew there was not going to be anything of earth shattering importance shared last night.  It was fluff.  Fluff we had to go watch because the kids were singing.   And dinner was free, so that helps.  Especially when you have a herd of small people to feed.

You want to wow me with a speech?  Tell me how you can teach a school full of kids to read without sacrificing math and every other subject.  I might be interested then.  I might even sit somewhere other than the back row.

That's the back I was talking about in the title.  I'm a back row kind of girl.  Always have been.  Don't get me wrong, I always did well in school....I was just always the obnoxious girl in the back too.

I got kicked out of Catholic school for taunting the nun who was my teacher in fourth grade.  For reals.  Just because you are wearing that outfit doesn't mean you can teach math.  She was wrong, I simply pointed it out.  I provided an educational service to my classmates, and got shown the door.  Yep, even at nine I was snarky.

I actually just wished a law school classmate happy birthday today, then reminded him to count the "ums" in every possible setting in life.  We kept a running tally in one class, that teacher had no idea how much we laughed back there.  I think we stopped counting after she hit a hundred times in less than an hour.

Which are you?  The dutiful, attentive person sitting in the front row, making it look good but bored to tears?  Or are you the one hanging out in the back row, stifling your giggles and counting the minutes until the free food shows up?  

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