Saturday, September 24, 2011

Signs of Fall

Sure, there are the obvious ones.

The temperature changes, the colors on the leaves.

There are other signs too.

Around here, it means that you're shopping online if you need a swimsuit before April.  The floorspace in every store is now already dedicated to coats and gloves and snow pants.

It means that Halloween has fully invaded the seasonal sections of every store you enter, even the grocery store.

It means that people like me (a.k.a. crazy costumers) have already begun, or in my case finished the process. This is a record, even for me.  And yes, it is going to be awesome.  I dare say that it may even be as awesome as the Wizard of Oz year...or better.  You see, I have a partner in crime helping me on this mission to create the most elaborate costumes in town.  My mother-in-law.  She's just as bad as I am these days, and it's fun that someone else gets my crazy.  Too bad she won't let me dress her up too.  ;)

It means that my kids have already started begging for hot chocolate and tiny little marshmallows.  They've already started asking for oatmeal instead of cereal in the morning, and have dug their soup containers out of the back of the cabinet.

It means that you start hoping your son's or daughter's soccer game isn't the early one this's getting cold out there.

It means that craft fairs start showing up somewhere nearby every weekend.

It means that tucked in the back aisle of the store, the Christmas stuff is already out.

It means that blankets and throws have reappeared on every couch in the house.

It means that pretty soon, yard work will be done for the year.  (Sorry for those of you in warmer climates, this really is a huge perk of living here!!!!)

It means that in only a few weeks, the city employees will start setting up the outdoor ice skating rink.  If ever Ashley needed motivation to get her cast off, this will do it.

It means that sleeping with the windows open may require getting up in the middle of the night to close them when it hovers near the 30's.

And, as I was reminded this morning, it means my morning voice has returned.  Ahhhh, allergies and asthma.  Particularly in the fall, particularly on mornings when the weather was perfect enough to leave the windows open all night long, I wake up sounding a little bit like Darth Vader.   Freaks the kids out.  Don't worry, it wears off after I'm up an hour or so. Just another reason I need a big giant cup of coffee in the morning.
Don't make me use my scary voice.

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