Friday, September 23, 2011

Jumping for between sneezing fits

Though there is hardly anything these days I am certain about, today there is one thing ringing clear in my mind.  This.

No one in the history of the 
universe has been more excited 
to see the coming of Fall than 
I am right this very second.

Really.  For reals.  I'm the freaking happiest person ever to see the seasons change.

This summer was pretty much the worst ever.  Me and my elusive tendencies, my chronic vagueness. Trust me.  It sucked right up, from beginning to end.

Even yesterday, the last day of summer.  It had to suck ass too.


It's done now.

I shredded the last of my summer squash this week, cut the last watermelon I will buy this year.  The peaches are about gone and the last tray of strawberries has been consumed.

The beach towels are put away upstairs in the linen closet, gone from the shelf they occupy in the laundry room when the kids live in the pool.  The sunscreen making it's way to it's home in the cabinet today.

Strappy dresses are in the basement, sweaters are making a gradual appearance in the mornings.  It's almost time for tights and boots and coats.

I sat in my car yesterday as the minutes ticked by, off in the distance my smallest boy playing on a playground where he couldn't see me watching.   Rolled down the windows and a bright red maple leaf fell from the sky and landed in my lap.

For a moment, I stopped thinking about everything else, and remembered that seasons change.  That things change.  People change.  Or at least, they can.

I have to hope that they can.

The trees are turning here, the mums are blooming.  My roses have stopped growing.  Dustings of snow appear on the tops of the mountains off in the distance.  The sun goes to bed a bit earlier every night.

There is that familiar smell in the air, the one that says that change is coming.  Occasionally I can smell it without being sent into sneezing fits.  It's okay though, I'll be out there, walking the parks, strolling the tree lined streets in our downtown, taking the kids along the rivers and open spaces.  I'm already planning my annual autumn picture day.

I need change in my life right now.  And change is here.

Here's to hoping that next year can be better.  That there will be a summer that lasts longer than the first week of July someday. That the next time it comes around will be different.  Better.

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