Monday, September 26, 2011

Drawing In

In this town I now call home, there is something beautiful and genuine.  A circle.

A circle of women who love one another and love one another's children.  Who share each other's joy and pain. Who I've leaned on in times of need.

The circle is drawing in closer this morning.  We've lost a link.

We have lost a friend, a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader for our successes.   We have lost a woman who refused to believe in the impossible.  We have lost a teacher and a leader and so much more.

She wasn't just a friend to many of us, she became a part of who we are.  A piece of our family.

There are nights that you stare at the ceiling searching for answers that you know will never come.  There are days that you dread, knowing that they are sure to be filled with tears and pain.

Today, I urge you all to tell those around you how much you love them.  Put your arms around them.  Hug your children, and hug the babies near to your heart though they aren't your own.

There is no time to ask why this morning, there are too many little people to worry about.  All the little lives she touched, all the children she reached out to and changed, all the hearts that will ache today.

Atop that list, the beautiful little girls who called her Mommy.  For them, my heart breaks.

If you have a moment, we could all use your prayers.

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