Monday, September 19, 2011

Date Night

I just realized that I haven't written anything yet today.  Sorry about that.

Spent the morning at Costco, and I still haven't put most of it away yet.  That's the thing about Costco....buying in bulk is really designed for people with infinite storage space.  Which I don't have.

I dream of one day having one of those huge walk-in pantries with shelves and space.  And then I open the door to my teeny pantry and remember that I have to find room in there for all of that.

I'm tired and distracted, trying not to think about the things constantly on my mind, some of which are new and stressful and not in my control at all.

It's hard to be a control freak and realize over and over again that you really have no control over anything.  But I digress.

We went line dancing last night, took lessons and everything.

I know, right???

Unfortunately, it was also family night at the cowboy bar/dance hall, which meant that it became clearer as the night went on that we were about 15 years too old to be in there.  Don't you hate it when your date night is invaded upon by other kids?

We had a good time, the lesson was fun.  I was a pleasantly surprised that my husband could actually dance and pick up the moves pretty quickly.  Without even making the white boy dancing face.

Oh come on, you all know which face I am talking about.

My toes are still a little sore from being stepped on by the old guy next to me.  Inevitably, when we were supposed to go left he went right, when we had to go front, he went back.  Tom said he caught me flinching out of the corner of his eye more than once.  We'd laugh at each other whenever we passed in the circle.

I'd be halfway back around before I figured out where in the steps everyone else was, only to have my groove interrupted by the flailing old guy again.  He couldn't stay in the line at all.  God bless him, he was having a good time.

Which is the point.  Line dancing is supposed to be fun, and we had a great night.

It was totally out of my husband's comfort zone, and something I hadn't done since I was a teenager dancing in a cowboy bar with my dad.

We will probably go back again...and next time there might be boots involved.  Yee haw!

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  1. Any excuse to buy new footwear! Bring on the line dancing with the adolescents! Yeehaw indeed!


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