Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There's a theoretical phenomenon commonly referred to in nature as the butterfly effect.  Essentially, it's the idea that one small and seemingly insignificant thing can have far-reaching and lasting impacts on others.

One rock thrown in the water here causes ripples a thousand miles away.

I'd like to make the argument that this isn't just a theoretical construct.  That it's real and legitimate.

Each of us in this life is but one in over six billion people who inhabit the Earth.  Individually, it may seem that we are small and meaningless to everything else.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

In the past few days, I've spent many hours with people who's lives are touched by the loss we share this week. 

This one woman, who made such a lasting impression on so many.   Far more than any of us know.

She helped and led and taught.  She volunteered her time and her passion.  She encouraged others to pursue teaching, and through the scholarship fund that's been set up in her honor, will continue to do so.

I'd be at a loss to ever try and calculate the number of children in whose lives she made a difference or how many she will still touch in the years to come because of her endless spirit.  Her infectious laughter.  Her uncanny ability to just know when you needed a hug. Her honesty and compassion.  

It's fitting to me that she spent her last years teaching at a place named Legacy, for she has certainly created one.

It's this hope that we must hold dear.  This acceptance that she will forever be a part of who we are, who our children are.  That she changed the environment of not just one school, but many.  That we will carry a piece of her with us, and that we will share it.  That we will all be made better for it.

And that we will all soar a little higher because we once saw a beautiful butterfly spread her wings.  

Love to you, my friend.

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