Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Step Closer

We are, that is.

To what, you may ask?

To AARP memberships and senior discounts and early bird dinners. Getting old can suck it.

Tom and I went out last night on an actual date without any kids. Which is unlike our last date night, which involved a miniature boy in a bar.  Well, technically it was the patio of a bar, so it's not like we actually took our baby to a bar.  Right?  Right???

This time we managed to pawn off all the kids and escape.  Don't get me wrong, I love my children....but sometimes I want them to go away.  Mwhahaha

We drove to downtown Denver and hung out in a sports bar for the first time in years.  Maybe even a decade.  He was a little overwhelmed by how loud it was.  I told you, we are getting old.

We were amused pretty much the entire time by the couple on a date next to us.  They were probably in their early to mid 20's and he'd hit that one out of the park if you know what I mean.  He must have known she was out of his league because he spent most of the time trying to impress her on the indoor basketball court.  They were playing H-O-R-S-E, and he insisted on taking all his shots with his head turned.  You know, to look more skilled and awesome. Except he missed every single shot.

If you look like a tool and she's laughing at you....I don't think it's working.  Just saying.

Good lord, I don't ever want to have to date again.

After a couple pitchers of beer, we headed to the stadium to root on the Dodgers against the Rockies.

Decked out in Dodger Blue, we took our seats behind home plate in a sea of purple. Eric Young and Tony Gwynn on the field.

Wait a hot second.

Eric Young, Jr. and Tony Gwynn, Jr. were on the field.  What the hell???

We are old enough now to have cheered on the children of players that we rooted for in stadiums not that long ago.  I swear.

In a desperate attempt to convince ourselves that we aren't that old yet, we started evaluating the rosters of both teams.  Which was a monumentally bad idea.  Aside from a few veteran players and some mid game relievers, we are older than every single one of them.

How did that happen?

What makes you feel old?  Right now, I practically feel like a dinosaur.

Okay, so I'm a dinosaur with brand new sparkly shoes.

And that makes getting old suck a little less.

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  1. "I love my children....but sometimes I want them to go away." Haha, you hit the nail on the head!

    So glad you got to have a date night! You are NOT old, though. And those shoes are fantabulous and make me a little green with envy.


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