Sunday, August 28, 2011


I completely have a love/hate relationship with birthday parties.

Obviously, I love making my kids happy.

So, clearly I hate it when they have the inevitable breakdown in the middle of the party.

I love seeing them get so excited about planning the party.

I hate the actual planning.

I love that they spend time with their friends.

I hate the politics of the invitations....the if you invite this kid, you have to invite this one....or if you invite this kid, you can't invite this one.

I love that I've always let them pick out their own themes.

I hate that they usually pick things which require a whole lot of creativity on my part.

I love that I can almost always come through and make the games/invitations/cakes presentable.

I hate that two months after each party, that theme is widely available in every store in town.

I love having a houseful of family and friends.

I hate cleaning it before and all the anxiety that comes with having that many sets of eyeballs looking at the mess that is my house.

Speaking of which, I've got all those eyeballs showing up in a few hours.  I've got to get busy.

At least I already made the cake this time....I was laughing to myself last night as I was frosting a monster's crotch that I really should remember to write about that.

Happy Birthday, AJ.  I'll share pics know, after I clean the house again.

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  1. "Frosting a monster's crotch" might be the best phrase I've heard/read all evening. Sounds like quite a party! Happy birthday to your little big boy!


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