Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behaving Badly

There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished.

Oh lord, is it true.

Sure, there have been a bunch of good things I have done for other people that didn't result in something coming back to bite me in the ass.  But the ones that have come back have been no holds barred, open field tackles that left me bruised and broken laying in the middle of the grass.

Truth is, I am a good person.  A really freaking good person.  There have been plenty of times that goodness has been tested for sure, particularly as of late.

Though part of me wants to become cynical and jaded, to stop trusting people and caring, to shut down and become an ape shit crazy bitch, I won't.

I can't.

I'm not that person.  I've got morals and standards, yes.  But there is more than that.   I also have four children and have to worry about how they see me.  The example I am to them.

Besides, I look terrible in stripes and never met a jumpsuit that flattered my curves quite right.

Wink, wink.

Anyway, I am fed up with people who take advantage of the fact that I am good person.  Who disregard my feelings, throw them aside like they don't matter, pursue their own selfish wants without a hint of concern for the damage they cause.

I won't be going into details about my most recent betrayal.  Suffice it to say that friendship means nothing to some people.  Absolutely nothing.  My help, my shoulder to cry on, my advice, my shelter to hide under, my open arms meant nothing.  Even my understanding and forgiveness meant nothing.

It's a hard lesson.  You live most of your life thinking that you know someone only to find out that you never really knew them at all.  And that whatever you did mean to them at one point can so quickly be discarded it's as if it was never there to begin with.

You know who you are.

Now, since I'm not going to tell stories about the things currently triggering my rage, I'll resurrect an oldie.

This story is far more entertaining anyway.

A while back, we had an old car that we were looking to get rid of.  We figured that we'd help out a friend rather than trade it in for a fraction of what it was worth.  We gave the friend the car, signed off the title, patted ourselves on the backs for the good deed we'd done.

Yeah, well....

A few months later, my husband found out that a bench warrant for his arrest had been issued.  Seems our friend never recorded the title, then ran a few stop light cameras.

The tickets had been issued to our prior address, we never got them.  Time passed.  Court dates came and went and people failed to appear.


I made the call to the friend, told him to do whatever it took to fix it. I wouldn't let Tom talk....he wouldn't have been nearly as calm as I was.  Then again, he was the one with a bounty on his head.

I'd have been pretty pissed off too.

He doesn't look good in stripes either.


  1. Man! You just keep your head held high, Kelly. It will get better. I don't know when. Even we wonder the same. I just know deep in my heart, it will get better. Sending my love and prayers.

  2. You are an amazing person, and I admire you so much for your ability to look for the positives in sh*tty situations. I'm sorry about all the crap going on right now, but know that I'm thinking about you!


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