Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Wisdom of the Father

Clearly I am the responsible parent in the house.  One of us should be.

I spent most of the day yesterday moving the shit stuff in Ashley's room to the middle of the floor so that I could paint her walls.

Holy cow that girl has a lot of completely unnecessary things.  She is a saver and a keeper and a needer and a refuse-to-throw-anything-away-er.

This is what a hoarder looks like at 8.  For reals.

Anyway, by the afternoon when the walls were done and the furniture rearranged and the hallway completely full of all the other stuff, I was done.  It was almost 100 degrees.

We waited until the sun started it's descent towards the mountains and the air cooled off a little, then we took the kids for a walk to the park.  Unfortunately, in this neighborhood, that also meant that we picked up whatever stray kids were on the streets along the way.

Because I truly love nothing more than supervising other people's children.

We stayed a while, then started the walk back, taking the long way around.  The older kids on their scooters and bikes made it home before we did.  As we rounded the corner, I saw one of the kids-who-isn't-mine ring the doorbell of the douche bag HOA president neighbor.  You know, the one that lives directly across the street from me.

The sun was still out, and the kid was trying to ding dong ditch him.  Except all my kids were sitting on our grass, and I'm sure that it looked like they had done it.

Douche bag opens his door, pops his head outside, mutters something understandably pissy and slams the door shut.

Tom rounded up the kids.  He was pissed.  All of you, sit down.  Yep, even you.  All of you.  Even the neighbor kid who actually did it.

He told them that this kind of behavior was completely unacceptable and rude and was not to be done again. Period.  I'm a little surprised he didn't walk the kid home and inform his parents what he had done.

Sent the kid home, told ours they were done outside.

Once they were all out of sight, we both laughed a little.  It was funny.

When we were all inside and the door was closed, Tom continued with his tirade.  Except it was different now.  He wasn't so much opposed to the idea of ding dong ditching, but how it was done.

You have to wait until it's dark.  And you can't sit there and wait for them to open the door.


Kids....they have so much to learn.


  1. Haha, I had to laugh at this. My little brother used to ding-dong-ditch our neighbors, but he would always hide in their yards to watch them answer the door. His giggling always gave him away.

    Honestly, I would have laughed that your douche bag neighbor was pissed.

  2. Brillant! I can just see the two of you giggling :)


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