Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parade Rant

So we took the kids to a parade this morning.  We got there 2 hours ahead of time and put out chairs and blankets at our spot, then headed a few blocks away to the pancake breakfast.

All good, right?

Sort of.

We got back to our seats and all the room that we intentionally saved.  It was nice.

Ally had her last ballet class of the season at the same time, so we split up.  Tom and the grandparents went to watch her, I stayed with the rest of the herd.  Her class would finish up about halfway through the parade.

The parade started.  And it was fine for about 3.7 seconds until the rude lady who showed up at precisely the time the parade started got there.  With her kids.  That she shoved between our chairs and onto the curb right beneath my feet.

Because arriving late doesn't mean you should miss anything, right???

Then she leaned on the back of my chair most of the time, with her late morning end of July BO.

Now, normally, I'd have said something.  But I'm just not in a place to introduce any more conflict into my life right now.  So I leaned forward to see.

Until her kids stood up.  Because being the front row isn't a good enough view.

Not only did she not tell them to sit down, she encouraged them to run out at every float or group that passed by to grab anything free they could.

When Ally and her spectators got back, we were all crammed into half the space we were supposed to have. That we reserved early.

Occasionally, we'd get to see something between her kids.

I hate rude people.

This lady....she is damn lucky that I'm being a really freaking good person right now.

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  1. Oh, I would have snapped. You're a better person than I am! Sorry this idiot ruined your fun. Some people don't deserve to be let loose in public.


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