Saturday, July 23, 2011

Off My Game

Clearly, I'm out of it.  Clearly.

I've been dealing with too much stress and it's taken a toll on me.

It's started making me take myself too seriously.  And lord knows that isn't like me at all.

My Mom is moving into her apartment here, my in-laws both spending a tremendous amount of time and energy helping her.  For that, and for everything that they've had to do in the last few weeks, I will never be able to fully thank them for.  For the things that they've had to carry on their shoulders, for the things that I have had to ask of them.

Things that no one should ever have to do.

Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough.

My father-in-law, though, he got back at me a little yesterday.  And he should.  I deserve to be messed with like he always messes with me.

If y'all think I am an antagonistic prank puller, you should meet him.

We get along well.

I went over to the apartment to drop Aidan off so he could help before I went to the dentist.  Papa was there, and needed help to move the fairly heavy, extremely breakable china cabinet.

I went to the dentist to relax.  Because only a mom can conceptualize a trip to the dentist as a break.

Then I went back to the apartment to help more.

As soon as I walked in, he looked at me and told me we needed to move it back.  To the other wall.  Where it was before.

I stared at him for a while.  Shook my head.  Glared at the wall that it had been on before, knowing that moving it back was a monumentally bad idea.  Shook my head again.  Wondered aloud why.

He saw that I was annoyed.

Then he reminded me who was telling me this information.  Who was the one that told me we had to move it back?

I still didn't get it.

It took a minute.

Then his face cracked the tiniest bit of a smile.

Wait. You're just fucking with me, aren't you?

A laugh.

He got me.  Good.  He owes me a few more of those.  Even then, we won't be even.

Thanks, Papa.  For everything.  Love you.

Even if you are occasionally a pain in the ass.

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  1. Haha, I love this. It's great that you have such a fun relationship with your in-laws!


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