Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go with it

We checked the weather all day yesterday, knowing that it was going to be a hard call whether we should try to go to the park last night.  The kids have been itching to see a concert.

The storms have been big and unpredictable this last week or so, which just seems to makes sense. 

Everything in my life right now seems to have huge significance and a level of uncertainty that I am not at all comfortable with. 

I don't do well with the unknown. 

So we checked the radar and the predictions, the warnings issued and watched the sky.

Then we decided to take a chance.  We'd go with it.  With this concert, and with everything else. 

The thing about life is that you never know how good it could have been if you failed to show up in the first place.  You can't let fear or hesitation keep you from trying.

We haven't been to any of the outdoor concerts yet this year, but we went last night.  We sat beneath an angry sky.  We spread out blankets on the grass and ate fried chicken out of a bucket and danced and laughed. 

And no, I didn't take any pictures yesterday either.  Someday I may regret not capturing everything about this week in my life, but right now I'm trying to drink it all in and commit it to my memory banks forever. 

The sky did the unexpected last night, and broke for a while.  Rays of sunlight came peeking out and warmed the air and the band played on. 

We just went with it.

And it's been amazing.


  1. Beautiful post about a wonderful family adventure! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!


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