Friday, June 10, 2011

Post 1000 - Weiners, Wieners and Wives

Drum roll please.........

Here you have it, post number 1000. 

Technically, there are a few more, but I pulled some of them for my book proposal.  So, here is the 1000th published post. 

I thought I'd be more sentimental about it, but not really.

Guess I'm just distracted with other stuff. 

And, for the record, I think I am just going to despise the 10th day of the month from here on out.  All of them.  Just so you know.

Anyhow, I tried to ignore the news story about the Congressman and his wiener.  Really, I did.  But ignoring it's a little hard.  No pun intended.

The media is covering it almost constantly, which is legitimate given the fact that it seems like some new picture or allegation or development comes popping up daily.  No pun intended.

In case you've been under a rock, or are one of those people who actually is telling the truth when you say you don't watch TV, a U.S. Congressman from New York has been emailing and Tweeting pictures of his dangly parts to more than a few shady lady friends.  At first he claimed his account had been hacked and the pictures weren't of him, but he quickly realized that lie had no girth to it and had fallen flaccid.  Okay, so at this point, you all know the puns are intended.

He fessed up, after being outed for his weirdness, really only after it became apparent that there were far more women involved and far more pictures floating around there than it seemed like there were initially.  The whole I'm not actually sorry for my freak tendencies, I'm just sorry I got caught type of admission.

The whole story is just gross.  What is it with guys in positions of power and influence who think, even in this day and age, that they can get away with shit like this?  Maybe for short periods of time with discreet affairs with loyal people and good lookouts.  Maybe.  But as any parent of a teenager has warned their children, you can't just go putting pictures of your junk online and think it won't come back to haunt you. 


So he's smarmy and icky.  Do I necessarily think he should resign?  I don't think so.  His desire to share his penis pictures with other people (all consenting adults here)  really has nothing to do with the leadership abilities he was elected for.   But this is a country of prudes, and we like our politicians to be buttoned up and proper. 

And when they do unspeakable things to innocent cigars, we attempt to impeach them. 

Also stupid. 

Anyone who honestly believes that men in positions of power and influence can all ever be proper and upstanding members of society without taking advantage of that power and influence for sexual purposes is naive.  Some of them can, sure.   But never all of them.

History tells us that this isn't something that just started happening.  History also tells us that punishing this bad behavior isn't going to stop it.  The only thing that is really different now is the online universe, the immediate availability of information, and the staying power of having a picture of your wiener floating around cyberspace.  That picture is never going away, people.   Never. 

So, we as a society, have to decide whether we can overlook his indiscretions and let him keep the job that he is allegedly quite good at.  Not being his constituent, I really knew nothing about the guy before last week, so I can't speak to that personally.  He does seem to have a lot of those people he serves rallying behind him though.  And aren't they the ones that should decide if they want him to stay their representative?  

Should this even be as big a deal as it is?  

I guess my argument is that it shouldn't. 

There is a part of the story far more intriguing in my mind though, and it really isn't about Weiner and his wiener.  It's about his wife.  His gorgeous, intelligent, and pregnant wife.  Huma Abedin.   

What would you do if you were her right now?  What would I do? 

Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine standing by him.  I can't imagine being humiliated in such a public way and putting it past me.  I can't imagine sharing my bed with him ever again, with a fuller view of who he really is.  I can't imagine ever holding his hand or standing beside him in public again, knowing the thoughts running through everyone else's minds.  I can't imagine trying to have a normal marriage ever again.

It's not like her boss is the best woman to turn to for advice in this department. Or maybe she is.  Hillary Clinton stayed with Bill through all his sexual indiscretions, kept a straight face and said nothing.   Maybe Hilary really is the good wife.  She's been criticized now for decades for her loyalty to her cheating husband.   

I'm not sure that those criticisms are fair, though.  Maybe Hillary, and all the other women who stay, do it for reasons that those of us who've never been in that place can understand.  They must.  There has to be some reason.  There has to be.

Until you've been there, I guess you really have no idea what you would do either. 

It's one thing to hypothesize, to assume what your choices would be, to entertain the what-ifs.  It's another to be there.

I don't envy that place that she is in. 

I wish her peace with her decisions, whatever they may be.  And I wish her luck.

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