Sunday, June 5, 2011

Checking Out

You ever have a day when you fantasize about running away from everything?  Where you dream about walking out the door and never coming back?

As if there is some place in this world unencumbered by all the things that cause us worry, pain, anxiety, drama.

I know that I do.

The days when I just want to shut my eyes to what I see, pretend that what is happening isn't.  The times that I wish that I could wish it away.

Life doesn't exactly work that way though. 

And I'm not about to walk away or give up or throw in the towel or any of that. 

What I will do instead is what I've done before to cope.  What I did yesterday. 

A sunny afternoon.  A lawn chair.  A pitcher.  And nothing else.

Sometimes you just have to let yourself check out for a little while. 

It's refreshing for the soul.

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