Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 5

Day 5 - A sunrise or sunset.

This is one of my favorite days in this challenge. 

I see the sunrise only when I need to, and I go to great lengths to avoid it.  I'm not a morning person. The last one I saw, the morning my father died.  I'd be okay with it staying that way a while.

I try to catch as many sunsets as I can, always have.  There's just something indescribably magical about the end of the day. 

Since moving here, I've become accustomed to these sunsets, versus the ones of my youth. 

I grew up watching the sun slowly descend over the horizon, then disappear beneath the ocean. 

Here, you can see how much the earth shifts on it's axis as the year progresses.  The sun swings far to the South in the winter, reaches to the North in the summer.  You can tell what time of year it is by where the sun falls when it says goodnight.

There's a reason they refer to these as the purple mountains of majesty.  They are magnificent. 

It took me a few years, but these are the sunsets I'm used to now.  These are the mountains that I miss when I'm away.  These are the compass of my daily life.   My West.

This sunset, last night's.  I walked the perimeter of my neighborhood, holding the tiny little hand of my youngest.  We found the right spot and waited. 

For this.

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