Friday, June 24, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 25

Day 25 - Something that comforts you.

I know that some of you are going to think I'm crazy.

I'm okay with that, I guess.

For me, these past few years on the roller coaster that is my life have been made infinitely more manageable because I have this. 

This right here.

It's helped because I can write my thoughts and feelings and musing and ramblings in public and in private.  I write so many different places these days.

Writing is therapeutic.  It takes the thoughts running through my mind and releases them.  I can express my hopes and dreams, my fears and concerns.  I can tell you all as little or as much as I want and save the rest for just me. 

Today is one of those days in my life that will always stay with me.  A cathartic one.  Seems like there have been a lot of those lately.  Turning points, no going back. 

To all of your, my dear readers, my love.  You've helped me, even if you don't know it. 

Thank you for coming along for the ride.

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