Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 24

Day 24 - Your Pet

Okay, so if you don't have a pet, you might have to get a little creative.  But I trust that you all have it in you.  :)

This is my boy, Jake. 

Or as he usually is referred to, Jakey.

I went to the pet store to get dog food for Maddie one day and came home with him.  I can't be trusted around adorable homeless animals.

He was less than a year old, had been relinquished by the prior owner, was a sweet boy with a lot of energy, but clearly skittish. 

He'd been abused.

Even now, almost 10 years into his current living arrangement, he still runs and hides when the broom comes out.  People suck.

He's an old man these days, hobbling around like Tom and I with arthritic joints.  He fits in with the rest of us all, he's got allergies and anxiety issues.  It took until he was at least 7 or so for him to mellow out.  He's what I like to call a tennis ball freak.  You've seen the commercial with the little dog, you know that one where the dog just keeps repeating throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball.

That's Jake.

Just bigger and fluffier.

Since we lost Maddie a little over a month ago, he's changed.  He's more attached to me.  He's more protective of the kids.  It's his house now, and we are his people.

I love this dog.

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