Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 23

Day 23 - Someone sleeping.

This isn't intended to be some creepy voyeuristic picture, though I'm sure in the twisted heads of some of my readers it will be.  You know who you are.  LOL

For all the rest of you, it's a chance to capture a body that is constantly in motion at rest.  The kids that you spend all day chasing, still.  The dogs that play and play and play in the dreamland of milk bones and jerky treats.   Those with constant worry and preoccupation in the conscious world at peace in the subconscious one.

My subject today, my baby.  The one who hardly slept last night between his headache and his mother's relentless waking efforts.  Tucked beneath him, mink.  His softest yellow blankie that once upon a time belonged to his big brother.  His sweaty little head resting on my lap. 

Here he is, still and quiet.  Shhhh.

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