Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge ~ Day 14

Day 14 - Everything currently in your purse and/or pockets.

Lucky for you guys, I cleaned out my purse sometime last week.  This pile would be a whole lot bigger.  And it would include no fewer than a handful of receipts, 6 silly bands and 2 dinosaurs.

Notably absent from this pile are three things that are with me at all times:
1. cell phone, used to take the picture
2. keys, only in my purse if I'm out somewhere
3. inhaler, on my counter because I just needed it

In my pile, in no particular order:
- wallet
- checkbook
- hairbrush with two ponytailers
- package of baby wipes
- 2 pens, one black, one blue (this is not accidental, trust me)
- my coupon organizer
- my backup sunglasses that I despise and only wear if I forget the good ones
- lip gloss
- a Spiderman comb (does everyone not have one of these?)
- brochures to tourist sites locally that I picked up while waiting at the airport last week
- coupons to Kohls and JCPenney
- an appointment reminder card for AJ's preschool check-up

 Are you brave enough to take this picture?

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