Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge Contest ~ VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES!!!

I was going to include 10, but  I just couldn't narrow it down.  It was too hard with well over 300 pictures.   So, here are 20 of my favorites!


Here are the nominees for the contest.  Each will be captioned and then numbered, at random.  To vote, please click on your favorites in the poll.  It is on the left margin of the blog.

<======= Over there

This post will remain tacked to the top of the blog until then.

You can vote for more than one picture if you'd like, I will set it up so that you may vote for one or all of them.  The voting will end at 10am, Wednesday July 6th.

Anyone who reads the blog can vote, so get your friends to join!

The winner will receive a nail polish set, including at least one bottle of OPI's new smoking hot shatter polish!  Good luck!

Marital Bliss
Jen Celusta

Erika West

One Happy Dog
Lisa Evans

Waves at Mission Beach
Tanya Guffey

Praying mantis
Tanya Guffey

Batman's tired
Susan Lindgren

Sky from Estes Park
Alicia Farwell

The hands of sisterly love
Ginger Park

Kari Jensen

Little boys
Tami Anson

Fear & Pride
Alicia Farwell

Tiffany Gomollon

Hot stuff
Robyn Sarvis

Joy. Water. Love.
Lisa Evans

Snow Bunnies
Kimberly Lehman
Shoe Noir
Stacy Hofius
Just about perfect
Jennifer Maidl
Baby, you're a firework
Lisa Evans

Oh, the eyelashes
Melanie Lambert

I'm ready for my close-up
Jen Celusta

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