Thursday, June 16, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge ~ Day 17

Day 17 - The sky.

Since I've been largely captive in my house this week because of the boy with the jiggly concussion brain, I haven't had a chance to take many pictures.  The sky might have been great for this today with the thunderstorms, but I didn't get out there.  Oh well.

I'm reusing a few from about this time last year.

The sky here in Colorado is breathtaking.  No matter the season, it's always pretty to look at.  Whether it's the glitter falling from the heavens in the winter, the angry heaving darkness of spring, the soft white puffy clouds of summer or the windblown streaks of fall, it is always beautiful.

This picture was taken on a typical summer day, looking east from my backyard. 

We are almost always on the edge of the scary storms here, but close enough to see them forming in the distance.  Timed right, they make for fantastic light shows on summer nights. 

This is what the sky looks like from beneath a storm, just before the thunder urges the rains to come.

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