Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Taste

Yesterday, I had a few hours to myself.  A couple of hours where no one had anywhere they had be, no one needed picked up from school.  No one needed to nap, no one was raiding the pantry. 

My in-laws offered to take the younger two off my hands yesterday and overnight since I have a field trip to chaperone today.

Oh, you know I totally took them up on that offer.

By 1pm yesterday, I was child-free.  For a few hours anyway.

My apologies to those who saw me dancing for joy.

I got a short glimpse of what life will be like once they are all in school.  A taste of what it might be.

I was able to write without negotiating with anyone.

I went to the store and didn't buy anything we didn't need.  No one climbed into or out of my cart and ran around the store.  No one touched anything.   No one begged for candy at the checkout stand.

As an aside, I absolutely despise the retailers that do that.  Do they want every kid that comes through there to start throwing a raging fit???  Do they realize how much harder it is for us to maintain our sanity when the two year old can reach the M&Ms????  My guess would be no.   Or they just don't care because of the number of parents who placate their kids and buy them candy to silence them.  I'm a mean mom, though....and won't.  So if you've heard my kids hyperventilate at the grocery store, it was my fault.

Anyway, I got to come home after going to the store and put everything away without half of it being consumed before it even made it to the fridge or pantry. 

I had about ten minutes when all was said and done before I had to leave to pick up the other two kids from school. 

And do you know what I did?!?!?!

I sat on the couch with no one touching me, drank a Cherry Coke Zero without anyone begging for a sip and thumbed through a magazine without anyone asking me a bajillion times for something.  

Again, if you heard anything yesterday afternoon, it was my fault.  Except this time, I could swear it sounded like angels singing. 

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  1. Ten whole minutes, huh...well, I'm glad you put them to good use. And yeah, I heard you, but being the mother of four, who are all in school, I was doing the happy dance right along with you.


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