Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shock and Awe

Living with a man and having children have served in my life as constant reminders of the fact that I need to, from time to time, let my crazy out. 

You haven't seen my crazy, I assure you. 

Okay, so a few of you have.

For those who've been at the mercy of my crazy before, you understand why it is something to be feared.

I've been told I am scary.

There's a tone of my voice that is reserved only for the crazy. 

Back when I started working as a doula, I partnered up with one of my best friends in our joint endeavor.  It was good almost all the time.  All those warnings from other people about how you should never work with family or friends were clearly mistaken.  Until one day.  I don't honestly even remember what triggered it, but at some point we ended up screaming at each other. 

Two grown women, full on yelling.

You'd think that might cause a rift between us.  Actually, it didn't.  At all, shockingly.  We both understood that we had to let the crazy out.  And, at that particular moment in time, the person who needed to receive the crazy was also throwing it back. 

Sometimes you just have to do it. 

Like when you come home from the grocery store to a house that looks as if a tornado hit it, while your husband is calmly sitting on the couch reading a book, oblivious to the chaos everywhere.

Or when the kid's room that you just spent 3 hours cleaning up resembles a disaster area the next day. 

There are plenty of reasons that the crazy is released, for sure.

I've learned, though, that you can't let your crazy out all the time.  You can't overuse it or people will start to ignore it.  Become numb to it.  Then it won't work anymore.

You have to tuck it away and save it for the times when you really need it. 

Your crazy also has to be impressive enough to stop them in their tracks.  The release of the crazy isn't a time for holding back.  It's an all out declaration of war. 

And it's extremely effective, when used properly.  ;)

Shock and Awe, people. Shock and Awe.

Raising a kid is part joy and part guerrilla warfare ~ Ed Asner

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