Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Ruffle Conspiracy

I noticed something a few months ago, around the same time that a good friend of mine noticed the same thing.  Something that is very, very, very wrong. 

Something that was still wrong when I was out again yesterday. 

Something that clearly points to a conspiracy.

We'd both been looking for clothes for the new Spring/Summer season, for ourselves.  Which is just weird to begin with since both of us tend to buy our kids far more than we ever get for ourselves.  Neither of us had much luck. 

So much for good intentions. 

The reason we both walked out of stores empty handed? 

Ruffles.  Ruffles as far as the eye could see.  It seems like every single top, tank, dress and even sweater this year has a ruffle on it somewhere.

Just one of the 673 ruffled shirts available
at your local Kohl's right now. 
I don't wear ruffles.

I have this opinion that grown women should not.  There should be an age limit on them.   And for god's sake, a size limit.   It's hard to pull off layers intended to make you look flowy and drapey and delicate when you aren't under 105 pounds.

Trust me on this one.

The designers appear to disagree.  They are trying to force us into ruffles, largely by not making much of anything else. 

I wish that there were more places locally to find affordable (okay, just plain cheap) clothes for me.  A woman in her 30's that doesn't want to dress like a 5 year old.  I wish that the retailers around here would jump off the bandwagon they seem to be on.  Every designer they carry in the stores here seems to be thinking the same thoughts.  Those thoughts clearly include no fewer than two consecutive seasons of ruffles. 

I like variety.

Classic lines.  Coordinating pieces.  Maybe a print.  Maybe.  But it would have to be an age appropriate print, not something that looks like a child should be wearing it.  Or like something that appeals to women over the age of 65. 

What happens to your fashion sense, by the way, when you get old?  I wonder about that.  Sure, there are some older ladies out there rocking their outfits.  But most of them settle into polyester and appliques and loud obnoxious prints and sensible shoes.  Note to self: never buy polyester.

Designers of the world....I implore you to stop this madness.  Break the pact you seem to have with one another.  Dress us better.  Please.

No more ruffles.

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