Monday, May 2, 2011

Real Friends

One of the icky lessons in life is that not every person who portrays themselves as your friend really is.  It's a lesson that you never ever stop learning.  Which makes it suck even more.

The real friends, though....they are pretty awesome.

Real friends don't care if you aren't wearing a bra when they show up on your doorstep.   You know who you are.  ;)

Real friends don't care if you drink too much and make a fool of yourself.

Real friends take you home before you become too much of an ass.

Real friends pick you up and dust you off afterwards.

Real friends don't care if you forgot their birthday (as long as you remember eventually...okay maybe even if you don't).

Real friends keep your secrets.

Real friends know about the ridiculous things you've done, which they tell people about at every possible opportunity.

Real friends keep their promises.

Real friends will listen to you bitch about the same thing for hours.

Real friends don't even see the messy house you're standing in.

Real friends don't try to out-do your car, your clothes or your husband.

Real friends know sometimes you won't want to talk.

Real friends don't need to know what you're doing all the time, and they sure as hell don't care.

Real friends always find time for a drink.  Or six.
Real friends love your kids almost as much as their own.

Real friends know that sometimes you just need a hug, no questions asked.

Real friends also know when you need a kick in the ass.

Real friends offer to help before you need to ask for it.

Real friends can go for weeks, months or years without seeing each other and pick up where they left off. 

Real friends get your crazy.

Real friends know when to offer advice and when to shut up.

Real friends have inside jokes.

Real friends touch each other inappropriately (but not like that...unless they are realllly good friends).

Real friends know when something is wrong, even if you say you are fine.

Real friends know when you are lying.

Real friends know when you're up to something sneaky.

Real friends understand that sometimes you're just going to be bitchy.

Real friends can talk for hours or sit in silence and be okay with it either way.

Real friends can get you into trouble.

Real friends will also save your ass.

Real friends will tell you if there is something between your teeth, even if they laugh first.

Real friends will cheer your successes.

Real friends don't question your choices, unless they are supposed to.

Real friends let you screw up and say you are sorry.

Real friends will drag you to the gym, but then make you brownies.
Real friends don't expect you to be perfect, in fact they celebrate the fact that you aren't since they aren't either.

Real friends understand that sometimes life gets complicated.

Real friends get it.  All of it. 

I love my friends.

Friendship is God's way of apologizing to us for our families. 
~ Author Unknown

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