Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mommy needs a drink

Sometimes mommy needs a drink.

Sometimes that drink comes in the form of a jello shot.  Shhh....don't judge

Sometimes it comes as a beer snuck in the basement before noon.

Sometimes it is required since you had to open the bottle of wine to make dinner.

Sometimes it's a mimosa after drop off on the first day of school.

Sometimes it's the liqueur added to the coffee carried around Halloween night.

Sometimes it's the beer that goes with the pizza that the soccer team eats.

Sometimes it's a martini out with friends.

Sometimes it's a margarita on a porch.

Sometimes it's tequila, straight up.

It is always, always well deserved.

To my friends out there, a toast. 

May your children never find your stash of chocolate. 
May you boobs never sag to your knees. 
May your husband never point out the gray hairs on your head. 
May you survive your children's childhoods. 
May you still be crazy enough to make new stories worth telling. 
May your liquor cabinet never be empty. 
May you be surrounded by women who understand.
May you remember that it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.


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