Monday, May 23, 2011

Is he into you?

Sure, there are ways to tell if a guy isn't into you.  There's a book and a movie about it, even.  But how can you tell if he is? 

It can be hard to tell.  Especially if you've turned into an old married couple like we have.  Or if you are in the uncertain stages of a new relationship.  It's not like men come with a manual.  Lord knows we sure don't.  And these aren't the signs that we're trained to look for.  These are the ones that matter, though. 

Seems like these days, I have friends in every stage imaginable in their relationships. 

Some are still in the holy crap this is exciting and fun and new stage.  I miss that stage. 

Others, like me, have been with their husband for what seems like forever.  Though there are certainly moments (okay maybe even weeks) of imperfection, there are still the times when I catch his eye from across the room and know I'm supposed to be with him. 

Maybe I'm just all gushy with love and adoration of him because he vacuumed and ran to the liquor store for margarita mix and tequila in the same day. 

Note to all the guys out there: do chores It makes y'all way more appealing

Seriously.  I can't think of many things sexier than a man who dusts. 

And I've digressed. 

The whole point of this was supposed to be that when a guy really is into you, you can tell.  Like, when he brings you home paint samples because he truly understands your crazy.

Or when he tapes the shows he knows you'll want to see without you asking first.

Or when he downloads the new album from your favorite artist.

Or when he fixes the electronic devices you yell at.

You know a guy is into you when he cooks for you.  You know he loves you when he makes dessert.  You know he is head over heels when he'll take on something like risotto. 

Or when he invites you along to fish or golf or play poker.

Guys don't just invite girls along for those things unless they really, really, really like you.

You know he's into you when he talks about getting a pet together.  No lie, that is a huge commitment for a guy.

You know he's really fallen hard when you start a fund to buy a pig.  Not kidding, I know someone actually in this process.

You know he's into you when he makes sure you meet his friends.  Even the ones that happen to be other women, and especially the ones who aren't unattractive.

You know he's madly in love with you when he has you meet his family, especially the crazy ones. 

You know he's into you if he'll go see a chick flick in the theater. 

You know he loves you if he actually paid attention.

These are just some of the ways to tell if he's really into you.  A little unconventional, yes.  But accurate.

Trust me.

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