Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hurried Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

I have no time today.  Like, none.

There are people in my life who always tell me they are too busy, and I shake my head in silent agreement with them, knowing that they really aren't anywhere near as busy as they think they are.  Or want other people to be.

But whatever.  It's frustrating for those of us who truly need at least 6 more hours in a day just to get everything done.

I've been up an hour already trying to get everything ready for today.  You know, all the stuff I didn't get around to yesterday.

The last Daisy meeting of the year is today, after a 5 hour long field trip that I am going on with Ally, but not before I have to drive AJ to his grandparents' house so they can attempt to keep him alive while I'm insanely busy.  Oh, and there is some other thing at school after the field trip, but I can't honestly remember what it is, just that I have to be there. 

Can't forget to have Ashley take her giant butterfly.  Mental note.

May is chaos.  It's just crazy busy.  I barely have time to do what I have to, let alone do what I want to.  Can hardly even think straight.

One more week and this school year will be done.  Though right now, I am feeling excited to not be so busy, I'm also dreading the whininess of boredom.  (Yes, that is a word.  I totally just made it up.)

I should find out at least one of the kids' teachers for next year today, the others will come home in the folders tomorrow.  Then Friday.  Oh Friday.  Commonly known around these parts as "Freak Out Friday", where it seems like half the parents at the school get their panties in a wad over the teacher they are assigned, grab their pitchforks and head to school. 

And people wonder why I don't want to really get back into education.

It's not the kids.  Trust me.

I still have four lunches to make and a bag to pack for the little boy.  Three of the kids are still sleeping, which makes all the sense in the world.  They get up at 6am when I don't want them to, but the day I need them up, zzzzzz.

Sorry for the brevity and discombobulation this morning.  I don't have time to organize my thoughts.

Maybe tomorrow, but probably not. 

Just saying.

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