Wednesday, May 18, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 29

Day 29 - What is a song from your childhood?

Oh so many. 

Like most people I suppose, there is a soundtrack of my life.  Songs that mean something to me from a time and place in my past. 

When I first thought of doing this challenge, this is the song that popped into my head first. 

Not sure why really, except that maybe I will always associate this song with the my extended family, at least when I was little.  Living dangerously, partying hard, raising hell.  All that. 

This song, was, I believe, my uncle's favorite.  Or it should be.  I can't listen to anything by Rod Stewart without thinking of him.

Uncle Kev.

The jeep driving, teeny OP shorts wearing, beer drinking, cool uncle.  (Okay, so in all fairness, that really could be a description for any of them at one point or another).

I really do have a pretty awesome family. 

This is the song that immediately makes me think about that time we were all out in the desert camping.   I remember the smell...must have been the trip out by Salton Sea.   The sand rails and motorcycles and trucks that rolled backwards down the hills they didn't make it up.  Taking the camper shells off the trucks, taking the tops off the Jeeps.  Shooting beer cans just for the hell of it.  

I must have been about 7 or so back then.  Old enough to know that adrenaline is a ridiculous high.    Strapped into the backseat of his Jeep with my cousins on one of those mornings, Uncle Kev at the wheel.   Flying through a ravine, we caught a boulder wrong and flipped. 

We landed almost completely upside down.  A trickling stream beneath us, we could just touch it from where we landed.  Three little girls, hanging upside down, laughing until we cried.  We weren't scared.  At all.

Just like we weren't scared when that ride broke at Fiesta days and we were stuck upside down waiting for them to repair it.  The hammerhead.  Ahhh.

Those were the days.

This is the song I remember hearing more than any other one from back then.  And the song that will forever make me think of Uncle Kev.   About sitting around campfires way too late.  Of the time when it still really was all good. 

Hot Legs,  Rod Stewart

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