Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

Are you ready????

I am so ready. 

I love, love, love photography.  I don't allow myself nearly enough time to engage in it as I should.  I'm not a terribly gifted artist when it comes to drawing or painting or sculpting or anything like that.  But I can take a kick ass picture.

Here's the plan:

Every day for the month of June, I will promise to take and share at least one picture, according to the prompts that I've put together. 

I'd love it if you played along.  There is even a prize in it at the end!  Post pictures each day to my Facebook fan page. 

Some of the prompts are fairly straightforward.  Some of them require a little planning.  Some of them require a degree of creativity.  Any of them that require technical skills, I'm totally willing to help you out with.  (especially that up-close shot and action photos)

The idea is not to re-use old pictures, but to take new ones.  If you can't get out there and shoot for whatever reason and have a fabulous submission for the day that you took before, by all means, please share it. 

I've already got ideas for the next 30 days.  :)

Have fun with it!

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