Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking off the cape

I'm a tough chick.  Which is pretty awesome.

I tend to get my way, almost all the time about almost everything.

I can handle just about anything life throws at me. 

I juggle and balance and stretch and create.

I take control and put out the fires.  Sometimes literally.

There isn't much I can't take care of.

Maybe that I why I keep myself so constantly occupied.

When I don't have anyone or anything that needs my attention, man am I a mess.

The downside to being as awesome as I am is that when I let that guard down, I fall apart.  I can be strong and stoic when I need to, which is almost all the time.  But as soon as I know that I don't need to anymore and the wall comes down, I dissolve.

I don't just cry when I let myself cry.  It's the hyperventilating, snot running down your face, audible sighs, headache that last two days afterwards kind of crying.

It's not pretty and it's not awesome, that's for sure.

Even superheros take their capes off occasionally, right?

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