Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

Computers have very short life spans in my house.  They get dropped, spilled on and generally abused.  Then one day they just stop working. 

As a result, I never have more than a few years worth of pictures stored on the hard drive at any one time.  Thank god my husband got a portable hard drive to store everything on a while back.  Without that, I'd have lost most of my pictures a long time ago.

I was trying to find some of the pictures I took of Ashley when she was a baby to use for my new doula blog.  The artsy ones, early on in my journey with photography when I'd spend hours trying to get the perfect shot of baby toes.  I knew they weren't on this computer, but I thought that they might be on one of the online storage sites I use.

I could take out the portable hard drive, but I despise looking for things there.  One of these days I will sort through what is on there and organize it better, put the files in folders that make sense.  Until that day, it's just 10,000+ pictures sitting there, without much rhyme or reason.  If you are looking for something in particular, good luck.  It's going to take a while. 

So, I was checking my online storage places, hoping that at some point I had uploaded a few of the pictures of Ashley  from back then.  I didn't find one.

But I found this.

Dad, July 2007

This picture was in one of the folders I used to make photo calendars a few years ago.  I was sitting out back at their house fiddling around with the settings on my camera.  Dad was standing near the fence laughing at the kids, and I called his name.  He turned his head and before he could realize it, I'd snuck in this picture of him.

Back before he was sick at all, before there was any warning that anything was wrong.  He was young and healthy and strong.   He laughed at me for taking that picture, but I think it's one of the best I have of him.

There was a reason I went looking for pictures yesterday.

This is how I want to remember him.

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