Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm not *that* good at this whole motherhood nonsense

Had to laugh a few days back.

Was sitting at school, waiting for an assembly where one of my littles was getting an award.  Camera, bag full of crap stuff for the Daisy meeting after school and a squirming two year old in hand.

I got there early to secure a decent seat, and as an added bonus got to chat with a friend for a few minutes. 

We talked about a lot of things in those few minutes.  It's amazing what can be accomplished by two mothers in a few minutes without constant interruption. 

We talked about all the activities our girls are in together, the ones that they do on their own.  We lamented the fact that there is already such rampant girl drama in the 8 year old demographic.  We expressed our mutual lack of anticipation that summer vacation was coming and we'd have the kids home for three months of whiny boredom. 

Then she said something that surprised me a little. 

She said that she was glad to hear that I didn't love every.single.thing about being a mom as much as she thought I did.  She's always thought I was that super mom who really and truly loved everything about being a mom.  Apparently, I put on a convincing act to other people. 

They think that I adore my children 24/7.  Mwhahaha.

I don't know any mothers that do, really. 

Sure, we love our kids.  Would move heaven and earth for them.  Would lay down our lives to save theirs.  Stay up at night watching them breathe when they are sick.  All that. 

But that doesn't mean that we don't occasionally entertain the idea of selling them.  

We sat there and laughed, the two of us.  Her at the realization that I was just like everyone else, but with a more convincing facade.  Me, at the realization that people bought my deception. 

Then AJ started throwing things.   Mommy time was over. 

And I said something like he's lucky he's cute.

And she replied, well yeah they are cute....otherwise we'd eat them.

Of course I'm not suggesting that I'd ever actually sell my children or eat them. 

Is it weird that I felt like I had to point that out?

The message here today is one that I know a few of my Facebook friends need reminded of.  Motherhood is sometimes a thankless, insanely hard job.  Sometimes it's not fun and rewarding at all. 

And sometimes you will inevitably think that you suck at it. 

You don't.

Take a deep breath. 

The awesome thing about tomorrow is that it isn't today.  Every day is a chance to totally redeem yourself.

Just try not to eat them before tomorrow.

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  1. KELLY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for your honesty, your reminders (both the reminders that this is hard work we do AND the reminder to not actually eat the child/ren), and your humor. Thank you!


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