Thursday, April 28, 2011

If he's Phil, I am Claire - My Modern Family

You ever feel like there are sitcom writers living in your house and documenting your life then putting it on TV?

I sure do. 

The very first episode of the show Modern Family had me hooked.  It's real and honest and funny as hell.

Plus, I live with Phil.  Really.  My husband is so much like him that it's not even funny.

Claire, his wife, frequently refers to him as the kid she is married to.  Cannot tell you how many times I have said that.

Like Phil, Tom was born to be the aloof husband, the goofy dad.  The guy who is constantly unaware of how the things he says can be misinterpreted by other people.  The fun parent.  The one who loves his kids to the end of the earth but loves to embarrass them too. 

He really is Phil, quirks and all.  The fidgeting.  The realizing a few seconds too late that he said something inappropriate.  The smiling and sweet-talking his way out of trouble with his wife. 

This week's episode served as yet another reminder of just how much like Phil he is.   Claire had made a secret appointment for one of their kids to see a therapist, going behind Phil's back.  She did that because he thinks she is a chronic over reactor and doesn't buy into the whole idea of therapy.  This describes my husband perfectly.

He catches her because she wrote herself a note as a reminder and meets them at the appointment.  The therapist calls the two parents in and sits them down.  Asks Claire what exactly she is worried about. 

Phil's response to the therapist?  Get comfortable. 

As much as Tom is Phil, I am Claire.  I swear this episode was about us. 

I am the mom who over analyzes and tries to control things.  I am the worrier and the researcher.  I am the one who always freaks out a little bit about everything.  I am the one who needs to believe that I can stay on top of everything.  The one always stressed out about something.

Later on in the episode, she confesses to him that the reason she took their son to see the therapist is that she is afraid he will grow up to have the same struggles as his father.  That he will need someone to reign him in as she has.  That he will be aloof and fidgety and he will grow up that way.  And she is afraid she will be powerless to fix it.

I glanced at my husband.  He wasn't laughing anymore.  We've had this exact conversation

Then, just as Tom reassured me time and again, Phil did the same for Claire.

You know why else he's gonna be ok? Because somewhere out there is a little girl who's making lists and labeling bins...and he's gonna find her.

Holy crap.  It is us. 

Phil and Claire.   They might at well rename the characters.
It would be pretty funny if I had
a picture of us like this, huh?

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