Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cougar on the Prowl

Every once in a while, it's nice to have your ego stroked.

Good to know you've still got it.

That applies to everyone, by the way. 

There isn't an expiration date on us humans and our desire to be desired.  Doesn't matter how many trips you've taken around the sun, how many years you've been married, where you are on this journey of life. 

It's still nice to know someone thinks you're hot.

Even if you happen to be my father in law.

By the way, you so knew I was going to write about this story when you shared it, right?

The father in law that just arrived back here in his home state yesterday after driving around in his motor home for over a month.  Who delayed his trip so that I could be where I needed to be.  Who will drop just about anything to come over and fix stuff at my house.  Who picks up his youngest granddaughter from school and takes her to lunch once a week.  That guy. 

He's pretty awesome. 

But I'm still telling the story.

He'd gone up to the gate at one of the campgrounds they stayed in a few weeks back to ask for some information.  So he says.  I think he was just walking around to talk to the people.  He loves the people.  But I digress.

Anyway, he was making small talk with the park ranger/gate guard/whoever when out of the corner of his eye, a women appeared. 

She'd gotten herself all kinds of fancied up.  Hair, makeup, smart outfit, all that.  Then sauntered over to the gate and cozied up to my father in law.  Stared at him, and made no attempt to include herself in the  conversation already in progress.

She didn't want to engage in small talk, this one. 

He guesses she was in her 70's, clearly had money based on how she was dressed, and she was on the prowl.  Rawr.

Anyone else imagining Betty White right now?

Anyway, she stared at him long enough that he stopped talking to the guy he was talking to.

Then she spoke.  

Do you have a Woody? 

Come again?  He was so taken aback by her question, all he could manage was to say ummmmm.  And he was probably blushing something fierce.

Not really sure where to go with that.

She realized that he was thrown off by her question, then clarified.  Pointed at the shirt he was wearing.  You know, a Woody, like on your shirt?
A little row of cars across his chest, wood paneling detailed on the sides. 

OH!  he said.  No, I don't have a Woody.

But thanks for asking.  ;)

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