Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 7

Day 7 - What is a song that reminds you of a certain event?

I could go so many different ways with this one, but I mentioned the topic to the kids and Ashley immediately started singing the Star Spangled Banner

That's not the song I picked, but it reminded me of this one.

This particular song is a part of a family tradition from my childhood.  It was always the last one played during the fireworks show at the 4th of July celebration the city put on. 

And for every year that I can remember seeing it, it made me cry.

I say it was always the last one because they used the same tape every year.  The tape that skipped and was a little warped and tired by the last time we saw the show.  You could predict the order the songs were in like clockwork.  When the finale was.  And this was always it.

When I was a little girl, my parents would pack up sandwiches and drinks and a bag full of snacks which we would inevitably eat all of then beg for cotton candy.   We'd wait in line for hours carrying blankets and lawn chairs, sometimes in triple digit heat.  We'd race for a prime spot on the grass, even though every year someone would come squeeze in front of us.  There we would sit for hours, waiting.

We never did sit on the bleachers and get a good view of the dancers and other daytime entertainment.  For many years, I'd suspect the reason was that you had to pay to sit on the bleachers.  They were uncomfortable too, and the thought of sitting in them for hours never was appealing. We didn't care about seeing whatever was on the stage anyway. We were there for the good stuff.  The skydivers that would drop from the sky just before sunset.  Remember the year that one of them landed in the crowd?

We'd always run into a whole bunch of people we knew.  For many years, there was a group of several families that went just about everywhere together, and this event was no exception.  Back then, I didn't just have one mom, one dad and one brother.  I had a much bigger extended, crazy fun family. 

When I met and starting dating the teenage boy who would one day become my husband, we brought him with us to the show.  I fell in love with him on the field that night, huddled together staring up at the sky. 

And this was the song that was playing.

God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood

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  1. Every year we'd beat you to the front! Never had a second row on the grass...but then, every year we were first in line:)


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