Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 Days of Music - Day 5

Day 5 - What is a song that reminds you of someone?

I can't honestly tell you why I chose this one.  I can't.  But when I started thinking about doing this challenge this particular song and particular person popped into my head almost immediately.  And made me laugh.

Took me back to college days, on the weekends I would drive for hours to San Diego to visit my boyfriend/turned husband.  His apartment, one that he shared with a couple of his best friends.  The ones that I sat with and watched the last episode of Seinfeld with in the apartment with the most eclectic combination of plaid furniture ever.  Oh, the stories I could tell about those days.

Seriously.  The contest?  C'mon, you guys know you remember that one.

Anyway, this song reminds me of his male roommate....who I will not name here to protect his identity.  (sort of....I mean, plenty of people are going to be able to figure this one out, including his wife!)

His roommate (the one I'm not naming, but who many will know anyway) had a penchant for karaoke.  Dude liked to dance and sing, often very loud. 

I can't think of a few songs without immediately thinking about him for that reason.  Leaving on a jet plane? Do you know how many times I heard that one?  Far fewer than Tom did, I can assure you.

That isn't even the song that comes to mind though, it's this one.

He performed a striptease to this one.  More than once. 

Holy lord it was funny.

Sorry for outing you, dude who will not be named.  I know your wife is going to want to see it now, if she hasn't already.  ;)

Just imagine us cheering for him, instead of the crowd cheering for Mickey.

Disney, Fantasmic

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