Friday, April 22, 2011

12 Ounces of Sweet Redemption

Before you read any further, please realize a few things right from the get-go.

1.  I am writing humor, people.  Find it or don't bother reading past here.
2.  I am a self-professed hypocritical Catholic who doesn't buy into any one religion's claim to superiority.
3.  The above mentioned person is not going to church this weekend.
4.  For the above mentioned reason.
5.  May I not be struck by lightning for what I am about to write....

I got a text message from a friend today.  Ironically she was at the grocery store at the same time I was.  She, however, was in the market for goodies for the upcoming holiday.  Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and the other components of the Easter morning breakfast of champions.

She found something that I found interesting (not to mention laugh-out-loud funny).

I always find a bit of humor in the people who get all bent out of shape at every holiday, accusing society of stripping the meaning from it.  The anti-Santa Claus and anti-Bunny people. 

Never mind the fact that these holidays coincide with other celebrations, which just happen to fall the same time as the religious holiday. 

Are the holidays commercialized?  Absolutely.  Many people use the commercialization as evidence of the misguided focus of the holiday.  Sure, people like candy and presents.  Kids especially tend to focus on those aspects.  But it's not just the elves and bunnies that are mass produced.  It's not just the secular stuff.   

The religious elements of the holiday are up for sale too.

It's a multi-million dollar industry.

Oh wait, I forgot.  It's holy.


This is what my friend found today.

Now, I'm no theological scholar, but I can promise you that this isn't what Jesus had in mind when he died and was resurrected to save us.  (And by "us", I of course only mean the true Christian believers....everyone else isn't included.  Wink, wink.)

This is far more offensive and inappropriate in my opinion than any chocolate bunny.  I struggle to see how that has any more to do with the meaning of the holiday than other candy.

Plus it is really, really funny. 

Seriously.  Who decided this was a good idea?

Hey, candy makers....stick with the bunnies.  Please.  No commingling of the religious and secular elements is necessary here. 

I don't need a chocolate Jesus in my Easter basket. 

It confuses the Peeps.

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