Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Know Your Life is Chaotic When...

Other people start to say that they are having a day like you.


It's rare to have an uneventful day around here, this is true.

There are times that I would love nothing more than a few solid weeks of boring.  Of ho-hum.  Routine and predictability and all that.  Of days with absolutely nothing to do.

It's terribly appealing to someone like me.

You don't get to put in requests for things like that though.

And I've got too much else going on anyway to bother trying.  Sitting next to me, the girl with the nose that is bleeding.  Again.

Next to her, as far away as possible, the two year old who just backhanded her in the face leading to the most recent nosebleed.  He's feeling better, and making up for lost time.  Apparently.

At school, the other two.  One scheduled for surgery.  Again.

The other spending all her energy on avoiding everyone else in the universe as much as possible so she doesn't get sick in the next 72 hours.  She's got issues with birthday parties, and we've already used our annual postponement once.

I've got more doctor and dentist and optometrist appointments in the next few weeks than you would believe.  The by-product of putting it all off the last few months. 

I need to get my car to the body shop to get know, when I have nothing better to do than drive to Denver and drop it off.

And soccer just started.  On top of Scouts and church and ice skating and choir. 

I love soccer, really I do.  But with two kids playing at the same time, I am gearing up to eat, sleep and breathe it for months. 

Three practices and two games a week, at least.

Made the mistake of eyeing the summer activity schedules this week. 

I'm already tired.

I need to start scheduling naps.

Not today though.  The two year old is feeling better and climbing the walls to prove it.

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