Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pimp My Mixer

Sometimes when you are a mom, you get to have things that are nice and pretty and just yours.

Okay, so I've just heard that.

I don't really know for sure.

Most of the time, you get your nice and pretty things that are supposed to belong to just you to stay that way only for as long as it takes for the kids to discover them.

It's like motherhood is a twist on the reality show Pimp My Ride.  In this version, everything gets slimed, colored, ripped, ruined.

Then they decide that your chapstick needs pushed up all the way and smeared.

Or that your freshly cleaned car needs to have goldfish crumbs evenly distributed throughout the entire interior.

Or that your scissors need to be used to open things like tubes of sticky yogurt and otter pops.

Or that your freshly painted walls needed a few accents.

Or that your brand new, just out of the box Kitchenaid stand mixer that you haven't even had the chance to use once yet needs something.  New and shiny isn't good enough.

Then you end up with things that look like this.

Sad part is that I got this mixer for Christmas like four years ago.  I tried half heartedly to get the stickers off, only to realize they were adhered with the strongest glue in the universe.  Then I gave up trying. 

And there they have remained. 

Now they are just part of the mixer.

The mixer that was made infinitely better by my kids.  They were right, it was missing something.

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