Monday, March 14, 2011

Just Not That Interesting

I went to the doctor today.

Spent more time in the waiting room than I did in the exam room.  No shocker, considering it is Monday and the flu is running rampant through town right now.  I've never seen that many people waiting at urgent care.

Fortunately, I have someone I can call and have grab my kindergartner when it becomes obvious I'm not getting there in time.

I walked back to the exam room, a student nurse checking my vitals. 

She apologized for the wait, I said it was fine.  And it was.

Ask any mom, waiting in the room alone for a few minutes longer than expected is a gift. 

She didn't get it, but then again she was probably only 20 years old.

My blood pressure, a.k.a. the reason I was there, was fine.

The doctor came in, asked how I was and I gave my canned response.  I was fine.  I'm always fine. 

Then he asked how I really was.  Apparently, he's figured me out.

Either that or he checked his notes before walking into the room and had been reminded of the time a few months ago when I called and left a message from him from California that I needed to be put back on my blood pressure medication but wasn't home and didn't know when I would be.

Either way, he seemed genuinely interested, so I told him why I hadn't come in sooner.   Why I had been gone.  Why my stress level was out of control.  Why I've gained a few pounds.  Why life hasn't really calmed down since getting back.  Why I don't anticipate it getting markedly better anytime in the even remotely near future.

He rubbed my arm, told me that he'd never be able to imagine what the last few months have been like.  He's sure I am stressed out.  That I'd given my father the best gift I could have just by being there. 

And I hope he is right. 

Then he also apologized for how long I'd had to wait, I told him I understood.  It was Monday, and it's flu season.  He laughed.  If only his day had already been long for those reasons.

He said he'd had some of his most complicated patients in years on the same day.  The cases you see in medical textbooks but never actually encounter in real life.  The ones that throw the most veteran doctors for a loop.

I laughed, apologized for not being as interesting.

Then he laughed at me.  Said that I needed to give myself way more credit.  I wasn't someone who's going to get a chapter in a medical textbook, this is true.  But I am interesting for lots of other reasons.

Said he's never met anyone like me. 

Isn't the first time I've heard that.

I guess that makes me interesting.

Just not that interesting.

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