Thursday, March 17, 2011


This week has been just gorgeous.  It's been warm, hasn't been too windy.  The storms that usually come with any heat this time of year haven't shown up quite yet. 

There is a special time in the morning around here when the mountains catch the angle of the sunlight just right, and the sky looks just like a magnificent oil painting.  Too pretty to be real.

The heron that has called our neighborhood home for as long as we've been here returned today.

It's an amazing place to live.

When Dad didn't think I could hear him, I'd hear him say things like that. 

Mom and Dad with the kids on my front porch, November 2008
Even before he was sick. 

He was sad that Colorado was so beautiful, that it drew me away.  But he understood. 

He knew what I meant once he came here and stood in my driveway and watched the sun disappear from the fall sky behind purple mountain peaks. 

I had to urge him inside more than once when he was here in the summer just weeks before AJ was born.  He was drawn outside to watch the sky as it thundered and roared.

In all the times he was here, it only snowed once.  But he was out there, bundled head to toe, watching the flakes descend from the heavens.

The time he spent here, not nearly enough.  But he was witness to our seasons, he was able to take in all the reasons we came here in the first place.  He took the the kids ice skating, he took them swimming.  He watched them play in the sprinklers, he built gingerbread houses with them while the snow fell. 

He spent so much of the time he was visiting us outside, admiring the beauty, captivated by the danger, awed by the power.

His eyes seemed constantly on the skies above, much as mine do now.

The spring brings with it a heightened awareness of the sky, it's just the time of year we are coming into.  You learn quickly to watch the sky.

Now I just do it more frequently.

Humbled and grateful for the gift of the time we had.

I miss him, but he was here.  He still is here. 

I can stand where he stood and see what he saw.

And, it is beautiful.

He was right about that.

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