Thursday, March 31, 2011

April First - A perfectly legitimate excuse to mess with people

April Fools Day.

The day when you can pull pranks and totally get away with it.

When people look at the calendar and notice it's a new month, yet somehow forget to keep their guard up all day.

People like me enjoy April Fools Day.


From the time I was a little kid, I pulled pranks.  I'd have a hard time ever topping the one I pulled on my little brother when I was about six.  I got up super early and opened up his closet.  Climbed up to the shelf on top of the hanging clothes and quietly pulled the door shut. 

Then started calling his name.  He freaked out, thought I was trapped in the wall.  Even my parents weren't sure where I was or what happened until I hopped down from my perch laughing.

Yeah, I was that kid.

I used to whisper into a phone we had between our rooms in the middle of the night to scare him too.  I wasn't a very nice big sis.

When I got older, I still pulled pranks on people.  The most notable one being the prank that kept on pranking.  When Ashley was a baby (she was born in February), I called my brother feigning panic that fateful morning.  Told him I just didn't know what I was going to do.  I was pregnant again (with a six week the math people).   He totally fell for it, then pulled it on my parents who did too.

I figured that year I should hang it up.  I'd peaked.  It would be hard to beat that one, and I haven't even tried since.  Plus, I am biding my time....waiting for someone in my family to forget it's the first and forget my propensity for messing with them.

Besides, I spend way more time now helping other people pull pranks.  Here's a sample of them...most of which work best in an office setting, though I've got a little for everyone.

-Tie a rubber band around the kitchen sprayer, so when someone turns the sink on, they get wet.  (Aidan keeps trying to pull this one on me and fails....he did not inherit my skills.)

- Make Jello in cups and put straws in it so that it looks like juice.  Serve to kids.  Giggle.

- I know lots of people who've made the meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting, but the whole idea of messing with food like that grosses me out.  Those of you who know me well already know that.  Ick.

- Unscrew the tops of the salt shaker or pepper shaker just enough so they look normal, but spill out when someone tries to use them.

- Saran wrap the computer keyboards.  Tom did this a few years ago to one of the guys he worked with.  They filled his cubical with balloons, saran wrapped his chair, his keyboard, his mouse, everything.

- Come to think of it, you can saran wrap just about anything.

- Mess with the sound settings on someones computer.  Like, instead of the typical beeps and bells, insert funny noises.

- Flip the monitor settings so the display is upside down or sideways.  I know this is easier to do on Dells for some reason.

- Change the keyboard language settings, or re-order the keys.  Make the S an A.  Just for fun.

- One of the guys Tom works with swapped out someones college diploma with a look-alike from another, rival school....took him all day to notice.

- If you have a wireless printer, put an out of order sign on it.  Just to mess with people.  When they go to pick up their print jobs, they will be all confused.

- Grab a bike lock and lock your co-workers chair to their desk.

- When we were in high school, Tom filled my entire car up with balloons while I was at work.

- Unscrew the very last piece of the faucet and put a bathtub dye tint tablet (crayola makes them) in the mesh, replace the piece.  People won't know why the water is blue or red.

I'm sure that I am forgetting some, there have been so many over the years.  What are your favorite pranks?

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