Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Late Night Alphabet Soup

I mused a few days ago on Facebook, asking how many emotions the human heart is capable of having at the same time. 

Apparently, the answer is a lot.

Just for fun....let's see if I can come up with something for each of the letters of the alphabet that is relevant.  Something I've felt in the last couple days.

I am sitting here in the dark...and I've got a medication reminder set to go off in 45 minutes anyway.  Might as well keep busy.

A- acceptance
B- boredom
C- complacence
D- disappointment
E- empathy
F- frustration
G- guilt
H- helplessness
I- irritation
K- kindness
L- longing
M- modesty
N- nervousness
O- obligation
Q- quirky
R- remorse
S- sadness
T- trust
U- unhappiness
V- validated
W- worry
X-xerophytic (bet you look that one up...but hey, it's x!)
Y- yearning
Z- zapped

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