Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Through my entire life, I have had an appreciation, albeit a strange one by most accounts, for inappropriateness.

I like to watch people squirm.

Always have.

I was the kid who asked uncomfortable questions.  Who bucked the system.

Who got kicked out of Catholic school.

Who was born different and embraced it.

I enjoy weird.  What can I say?

And I love inappropriate.

It is something, really the only thing, that has made me laugh today.

My brother's friend, the one that has been with him through damn near everything, the one who has had such a hard time dealing with everything going on, came over today.

He's been reluctant to, afraid of intruding or hindering anyone else.  I told him to forget all that, and to come over whenever he wants.

He is one of the only people left that can make Dad laugh.  While everyone else seems to be so serious all the time, Nathan is anything but. 

He's completely inappropriate, and in the process, hilarious. 

I love him for that.

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