Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For a Little While

It rained a bit this morning, the sky full of gray.  It's supposed to rain and rain and rain some more over the next few days.  The worst of it due the day of Dad's funeral.

I guess it's only appropriate.  I haven't been to too many funerals that took place on a beautiful day.  Some, yes, but not many.

Rain has always been welcome in my life.  As a child, I looked forward to the days it rained and would play outside until I was chilled to the bone.  As a mother, I've taught my own children to do the same.  We don't run and hide from the rain in this family.  We dance in it.

Always have.

This afternoon though, for just a little while, the clouds gave way to a bright blue sky.  The warmth from the sunlight almost immediate.  I sat on the back patio with my Mom and ate lunch sitting in the same chairs where my Daddy sat just last week.

I looked up at the sky, as I seem to so often these days, trying to fight back the tears in my eyes.  Up there, in the middle of the vivid blue, a cloud shaped like a heart.

As quickly as it formed, it was gone.

But it was there for a little while.

And so was he.

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