Saturday, February 5, 2011

Calling You Out

Since my babies are back home and far away from me right now, I am missing them something fierce.  I talk to them on the phone and all, but it's not the same.  I miss how they smell.  I miss seeing them smiling.  I miss watching them just be.

Lucky for me, I happen to have what may be the most adorable nephew in the entire known world.  And he's here.   And he helps.

He's at my very most favorite baby age right now, in between crawling and walking.  He has a personality that can light up the room, a giggle that can come from his toes and the most precious delicate blond curl in the back of his hair.

Just last week, he learned to wave bye bye, though sometimes it looks more like he's calling you out.  Sometimes the wave is just a finger in the air.   Like, hey you in the back there, yeah you, how you doin?

He brings joy.  If only it was possible to bottle that up and save it for all the times that we could use some.

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  1. Wait, are you in LA? How did I miss this? Call me!


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