Monday, January 10, 2011


I got up early this morning, even bypassed the coffee.  I grabbed my boots and gloves and headed out to the garage.  Put on my boots and grabbed a shovel.  I knew there was about 5 inches of snow on the driveway, plus whatever was still there because my dear husband neglected to shovel 2/3 of it last week.

I pushed the garage door button and walked out.

Then I yelled.  Dammit!

Right on top of all that freshly fallen snow, a set of tire tracks.  All the way up the driveway to the garage door. 

Someone felt compelled to pull all the way up my driveway on top of the snow.


Now, for those of you spoiled by warm weather climates, this won't mean anything to you.  You won't understand why I was cursing the mystery driver. 

Shoveling a driveway the size of mine is hard enough as it is, but when someone drives over the top of the snow and compacts said snow into ice, it's a much more challenging chore. 

I was out there almost an hour. 

Then my dear husband, you know...the one who only shoveled part of the driveway last week, came out.  And offered to help.  Um, I'm pretty much done.  I'm good.

It's okay though.  I am strange.  I love to shovel snow.  It's quiet and peaceful.  It's a great workout.  And it's a fabulous way to take out my frustrations in a productive way.

I could have done without the ice tracks though.

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  1. Okay, that act is cause for murder...really, it should be legal to shoot someone for doing that. I bet it was that lovely neighbor of yours. And I like shoveling snow. too. It gives me a little quiet away from the kids


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