Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Take That, Kindle

I have written here a few times about my general resistance to technology.  Which is ironic, I know, given the fact that this is a blog after all.  You'd think that I of all people would be all about making things more instantly accessible, more transportable, more user friendly, all that.

In some ways I am.  But in others I am not.  At all.

I was chatting with a friend, another bookworm like me, earlier this week.  She texted me that I was going to be disappointed in her.  She'd broken down and bought a Nook reader for ebooks.  I consoled her that she had a legitimate excuse...she is in school and many of her professors are requiring ebooks.  She needed it.  And it's not like she bought it for fun.

If ever I needed more reason to be as peculiar as I am about this particular subject, I got it this week. And no one will understand this more than my friend.

A few nights ago, Dad was resting in his chair.  My brother and sister in law having left for the night.  Mom told me she had something for me, something she wanted me to see.

Upstairs, tucked away in a drawer, was a book..

This book.

It isn't just a book.  This is a piece of my family history.

In the late 1940's in Pittsburgh, a young man fresh from the service met a feisty girl at a dance hall.  They fell in love almost immediately. 

In the short months that were their courtship, the days between that first meeting and the morning they became man and wife, there was this book.

They would take it to North Park, on the outskirts of the city, lay a blanket beneath the tree they had declared theirs and read chapters from this book to each other.

The cover is yellowed, some pages are torn.  The binding of the book so clearly from an earlier time.  The pages are delicate.  I found a blade of grass between two of them yesterday, presumably from North Park in the 1940's. It feels like history.

When I've had downtime these past few days, I've taken this book.  I've sat on the patio of my childhood and read chapters in my head, imagining the two of them.

No piece of technology can ever compare with that.

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